I’m a designer with 15+ years experience designing for the web. My strengths are front end design, from sketch to code. My weakness, if I have one, is that I care too much.

I love making things that work and look great.

I like working with small teams of talented and passionate designers and developers.

I’m an avid believer in solving design problems through iteration until a thing is simple and great.

I’m not happy unless I’m learning something new.

I try to make designs that help people or make their lives easier.

I’m an avid reader and I’ve made some art.

I often fail to update my un rarely edited online blog journal

I kern often.

If just one child from an English-speaking family learns that in the Spanish alphabet, the ñ is a different letter than the n, this will all have been worth it.

Contact me anytime through twitter or app.net.